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Vyre Network Releases its Top 40 Movies, TV Series and Documentaries For The First Half of 2020

With the spread of the global pandemic keeping people inside in 2020, the first 5 months of Vyre Network’s launch has been more successful than anticipated. The Vyre movement has now spread into over 113 countries. Vyre releases its first list of the top 40 most-watched movies and shows on the platform. This list would contain the most trending movies out of 2000+ uploaded feature films, short films, tv shows, and documentaries.  Vyre Network maintains their position on keeping their content count low and quality over quantity, with their President Lamar Seay stating “we want to be the place that you go for new and refreshing content. Catalogs of show and movies are good on other platforms, but when you come to Vyre, you’ll enjoy a unique viewing experience of the future, not the past.” 

Vyre Network provides accessible distribution to directors and content creators and a chance to reach a global audience. Through its distribution channels on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, iPhone & Android, Vyre can reach some countries and territories that Netflix cannot. With a versatile and growing library of indie films, tv shows, and docs it’s no wonder why Vyre has become the new “cool table” of streaming for multiple generations.  

The company is already branching out into other territories, and embracing their content range by launching  their Spanish and Latin market-focused channel “Its Espanol.” This channel (and the other sub-channels) will be its own entity and contain its own curated films, TV shows, and documentaries.  By next month, Vyre will release Vasool TV, a Hindi-based channel focused on the same forms of content.

Vyre’s 5 Month top 40 list consists of feature films, short films, TV Shows, and documentaries. The list is in order of most-watched from top to bottom. 


Interwoven – Feature Film
Kalan FrFr & Friends Live At The Novo – Concert Performance 
Hello Forever – Feature Film
Blue Lives Matter –  Feature Film
Corona 2049 –  International Short Film (Vasool TV) 
For Colored Boys: Dear Lisa Ep 1  – TV Series (True TV)
What Other Couples Do – Feature Film
The Flea – Feature Film
Mistaken –  Feature Film
A Social Love Affair –  Feature Film
Square One: Michael Jackson – Documentary 
Boogie B Evacuated Comedy Special – Stand Up Comedy 
Heart that Forgives –  Feature Film
Demon –  Feature Film
Black Fly –  Feature Film
Letters from a Father – Short Film 
#SHE –  Feature Film
King’s Heart –  Feature Film (Family TV)
Diary of a Disgraced Soldier –  Documentary 
For Colored Boys: Leave Me Alone Ep. 3  – TV Series 
Faction – TV Show 
Curtis Baldwin Comedy Special – Stand Up Comedy 
Divorce Invitation  –  Feature Film
For Colored Boys: Just Let It Go  Ep. 4  – TV Series 
Our Best Friend’s Wedding –  Feature Film
It Knows –  Feature Film
Down by the River –  Feature Film (Family TV)
Escorts – Rule #1 Ep. 1  – TV Series 
Til Infinity: The Souls of Mischief – Documentary (True Mag TV)
Bottled Up – The Battle Over Dublin Dr Pepper –  Documentary
Escorts – Money Talks So People Don’t Ep. 4 – TV Series 
Sick Minded – Short Film
Freetown – Feature Film
The invoking 3: Paranormal Dimensions –  Feature Film
Slasher Party –  Feature Film
Thick – Feature Film
Sons Of Liberty –  Feature Film
Black Fly –  Feature Film
Skin –  Feature Film
Homeskillet –  Feature Film

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