Vyre Network is home to a global digital distribution multi-platform service that license, live stream and produce a vast catalog of exclusive content for streaming entertainment.

We represent a visually driven culture of millennial and Gen X expressions of the things we love the most; entertaining & informal original shows, films, short films, music videos, live events and documentaries. 

Owned Brands

Branded video-playlist of shows, music videos and exclusive interviews with; TRUE Magazine, RnB Magazine, and MGraceland – connects with more than 3 million fans.


Our focus of distribution consists of all OTT platforms; Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, IOS, Android Mobile, TIZEN, Chromecast, Smart TV’s, VEW’D, Websites, Xumo, Oath and more which gives our video content a global reach. Currently, there are 820 million connected video devices.

Monetizing Content

Vyre Network’s content is monetized with Pre-Roll Advertisements of 30-sec commercials that are provided via Vyre Network. Other monetization avenues consist of in-app purchases such as; Playlist Subscription, Purchase and Rental, Mid-Roll Advertising and Vyre Live Pay-Per-View.