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VYRE Network Creates VYRE Africa Media to Amplify to the World, the Creativity of the Underserved African Entertainment Market

Los Angeles, California–(December 27, 2023) – VYRE Network (a leading free global streaming platform known for delivering next-generation movies, shows, and sports content, both live and on-demand and wholly owned Cabo Verde Capital company (OTC Pink: CAPV) the “Company” or “VYRE”), is pleased to announce the formation of vAfrica Media as a subsidiary of the streaming channel vAfrica. vAfrica Media is focused on amplifying to the world, the creativity of the underserved African entertainment market through film, TV, and live events with diverse monetization strategies.

vAfrica will provide scale and reach for African producers who can deliver content to VYRE’s diaspora-targeted audience, under a multi-phased strategy. The first phase of development for vAfrica Media will be building its distribution avenues for content. vAfrica will look to become a significant distribution arm for the growing African film industry, by pulling curated content from all countries throughout Africa. This will give vAfrica a vast collection of projects to stream globally.

The second phase of development will be to assist the African film industry in building up its infrastructure and resources for film and TV creators to become more creative, as well as being their direct resource.

The third phase of development will be to provide more green-lit original projects, not just in film and TV, but in music concerts, documentaries, and culture-forward visual content.

African cinema has revolutionized the world’s view of the people and culture. The potential in the African film market remains untapped, even with the larger streaming companies entering the market. Having the streaming companies choosing a few pieces of content here and there, will not put a whole industry on the global stage.

“Africa has a wealth of beautiful stories that deserve to be seen through film and TV. I wish I had the opportunity to see the extent of what Africa had to offer instead of the stereotypical safari type of content that I saw growing up. VYRE now has the chance to present current African culture to a new generation, so they can experience and educate themselves about things beyond the city they are from.” – David Hill Co-Founder of VYRE Network

VYRE sees that the next phase of its growth will be through its international content and media partnerships, with vAfrica Media at the head of the table. This direction targets the youngest population in the world, with 70% of sub-Saharan Africa under 30 and who consume their content on mobile devices. By 2030, young Africans are expected to constitute 42% of global youth. This means VYRE will have a vast pool of talent and an untapped audience who are the consumers and trendsetters of tomorrow.

The vAfrica channel will be monetized through VYRE Network’s programmatic advertising, delivered by Publica, the leading independent CTV advertising platform system, along with strategic international programmatic partners. Our international growth plan, plus bringing international content to the United States, will enable advertisers to reach and align their brands with innovative content.

vAfrica will be available on the VYRE App starting January 15, 2023 on Roku, iPhone, Apple TV, Samsung TV, Amazon Fire, Android, and on the web at


ABOUT vAfrica Media
VYRE Africa “vAfrica” is a streaming channel aimed at amplifying the creativity of the underserved African entertainment market to the world, through film, TV, and live events with diverse monetization strategies.

vAfrica provides scale and reach to African producers who deliver content to VYRE’s diaspora-targeted audience. vAfrica identifies and distributes projects from talented young media entrepreneurs through the VYRE App on Roku, iPhone, Apple TV, Samsung TV, Amazon Fire, Android, and the Web.


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