Vyre Network’s Music Video-On-Demand Playlists were designed with the idea that the dopest music videos can be globally distributed and monetized.  VOD playlist placement is the perfect way for artists to make money from their videos being accessible to Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, IOS (iPhone), and Android mobile devices.  For a service fee you can see an ROI on your music video content and reach new fans for 2 months. 

During those 2 month’s music curators will place your music in our sync licensing catalog and submit to any internal placements such as feature films, movie shorts, TV series, commercials, and promotional videos that are in production with Vyre Network.   


To Submit Your Content

  1. Click “Get Started” and fill out the information about your music video

Make sure you have a “Short Description” (80 characters) and Long Description (150 characters) of your music video content and distribution outlets that your content is currently or has been on. Also include the artists and feature names, song title, and the project which the song is from. 

Your Content on Vyre Network

Vyre Network will not be responsible for marketing your content unless it is noted in the agreement with Vyre Network. 

Vyre Network will not be responsible for any sync and licensing fees that your content may have that will come up from having global distribution. 

You own 100% of your content and rights for your content. Vyre Network is just a distributing platform for your content.  

Data on Your Content  

Vyre Network only provides data to the owner of the content. No data will be provided to outside sources unless permission is given in writing to Vyre Networks Analytics Division

Monetization of your content can be viewed with detailed data of; what state, city, country your streams are coming from, what device they are watching from, streaming times and more. This can be used to assist your marketing efforts and get a return on your investment with the project.