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VYRE Network Partners with DigitalSelf to Add Immersive Technology

Las Vegas, Nevada–(Newsfile Corp. – August 11, 2022) – VYRE Network (OTC Pink: CAPV) (a free streaming platform with worldwide reach and wholly owned Cabo Verde Capital company, “VYRE“) is pleased to announce it has partnered with DigitalSelf®, an immersive technology development company having a platform that connects people to life in the open Metaverse to socialize, connect, engage in immersive experiences, and universal access to Web3. The partnership is part of VYRE’s ongoing global growth and user experience expansion strategy.

DigitalSelf’s platform will provide an extended user experience for VYRE in the metaverse for the Company’s theaters and concert venues that live stream sports, concerts and conferences through multiple mediums and within a virtual headset and smart augmented reality wearable technology as it develops further. Current DigitalSelf AR/VR headset vendors include Oculus, Sony, and HTC who offer VR devices, while Microsoft, Magic Leap, and Vuzix offer AR headsets and glasses.

VYRE will be able to facilitate live streaming and postproduction content in 3D or 360º volumetric capturing AR Immersive viewing. The partnership will also provide new advertising opportunities, create a market for Virtual Collectables and offer users the ability to capture their own NFT’s from highlighted content.

“VYRE Network understands that having a major footprint in the metaverse is the next iteration of how we use the internet and be digitally entertained. DigitalSelf will help us provide that experience for our users,” commented David Hill, VYRE’s President & CEO.

“We are proud to announce that we will be bringing VYRE into Web3,” said Craig Muir, DigitalSelf founder. “With their extensive library of content and our platform’s unique capabilities, we will work together to bring deeper and more immersive experiences to new and existing audiences.”

This partnership and the metaverse provides a space for endless, interconnected virtual communities for VYRE Users. According to Emergen Research, the global metaverse market size was $47.69 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow to $828.95 billion by 2028. The metaverse is where the physical and digital worlds are coming together, and VYRE Network Theaters and Live Concert venues are only the beginning.

DigitalSelf® is an immersive technology development company, its platform aimed at creating virtual lifestyles and universal access to the Metaverse. In DigitalSelf®, consumers will increasingly spend part of their everyday life transported into virtual environments where they will socialize, connect and engage in immersive experiences. DigitalSelf® and the DigitalSelf® Wallet are the first apps built to deliver our vision of a universally accessible digital representation of our lives, content and memories. In the DigitalSelf® apps, we are building an ecosystem where our users can leap into festivals, soccer matches, conferences, colleges, concerts, championship sports and even medical appointments anywhere on Earth.

DigitalSelf® provides a virtual ecosystem of intimately immersive experiences which can be accessed anywhere, anytime, anyplace. As a future facing company, DigitalSelf® recognizes the strategic need to service the “now”, “near” and “next” markets. Therefore, DigitalSelf® is designed to allow consumers to engage and explore its ecosystem of virtual experiences through multiple mediums from television (TV), mobile smart technologies, laptop, PC or, increasingly, from the comfort of their own home within a virtual headset and smart augmented reality wearable technology as it develops further. Please see for more information.

VYRE Network is a free streaming platform with worldwide reach through apps on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Android, iPhone, Samsung TV s and on the web. Focused on Generations X, Y and Z, VYRE Network sets out to become the most relevant content streaming company for those of all ages, backgrounds and interests.

VYRE Network has three Operational Divisions – Distribution, Live Stream and Studios & Productions. Currently there is a selection of 18 channels, including Sports (football, boxing & documentaries), Music (Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop & EDM), Lifestyle (Cooking & Travel), Family, and Comedy. Vasool TV (Hindi) and It’s Español TV (Spanish) are VYRE s international based channels, with Vyre Africa, Vyre Asia, and Vyre Brazil launching shortly.

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