Vyre Network’s mission is to manage a global portfolio of award-winning content, while bridging the gap for creators to globally distribute their craft.

Vyre Network operates is filed as a S Corp that is based in California and operates at 11336 Camarillo Ave Ste. 207 West Toluca Lake, CA 91602.


TV has CHANGED. Networks are CHANGING. Major players have changed the way we watch movies & shows; & the way we listen to our favorite artists. At Vyre Network, our main objective is to take independent creator’s content & give them a chance to have their art visually seen on a global scale, by offering fair agreements that ultimately keeps the content creator in control of their voice.


Vyre Network has opportunities for investors to participate in Vyre Orginal films, short films, and shows. This opportunity is only for credited investors that will be strategically picked by Vyre Networks board. Below are Vyre Original project’s that will be produced and distributed by Vyre Network that investors can participate in.